Şule Yalçın

Hello, I'm Şule.

As a person who always does her job with passion and enthusiasm, never stops learning, and is open to innovations, I believe that there is a special formula for success with the right planning. With my years of experience in career counselling, I have drawn the career paths of thousands of young people until today.

After receiving my bachelor's degree in engineering from Ankara University, I completed the research part of my master's thesis in Molecular Biology at the Molecular Biology Laboratory at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Then I worked as a Head Reseracher/Breeder for 4 years in the R&D department of Enza Zaden, a well-known Dutch agricultural biotechnology, and seed production company, in Antalya.

During this period, I started to be interested in different fields besides my professional expertise. In 2003, I made a career change and joined Sabancı University. For many years, I developed numerous projects for the career development of students, and simultaneously I had the opportunity to get to know young people closely. Realizing that the sooner the right career choice is made, the more effective it is, I gave the lecture "Step by Step Career", the content of which I created at Sabancı University's High School Summer School, to high school students.

I worked as the Career Development and Alumni Relations Manager and Adler Career Coach at Sabancı University for 19 years.

I managed the career/competency development and national/international internship programs of an average of 850 students every year. By managing the relationship with 14,500 alumni of Sabancı University, I created strategic collaborations with them in different fields.

In addition, by developing collaborations with the EU and Asia-Pacific higher education institutions and companies, I carried out national and international projects on different subjects (recruitment competencies, recruitment and placement practices in companies, etc.) from aviation to information technologies. Within the scope of the Erasmus Plus Internship Program, I have provided internship opportunities to students by collaborating with 624 institutions in 40 countries to this date.

Between 2019-2020, I worked as a consultant in the Presidential Human Resources Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. I was the chief editor of the "Career Center Handbook" from Presidency Publications.

This book was sent to 131 State and 78 Foundation Universities in Turkey and also to Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) Representative Offices as a “Good Practice Practice”. It became also an exemplary guidebook for newly established university career centers.

Now I continue my professional business life quest with my own company. I am here with my experience, knowledge, excitement, and all my energy to help young people draw a career path that they will do with passion, always be open to innovations and never get bored of learning.

Aytül Erçil

Professor Dr. Aytül Erçil graduated from Boğaziçi University in 1979 with a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. She then obtained a master's degree in 1980 and a Ph.D. in 1983 at Brown University, both in Applied Mathematics. After working at General Motors Research Laboratories for 5 years, she started teaching at Boğaziçi University from 1988 to 2001 and worked as the founding director of the BUPAM Machine Vision Laboratory. In 2001, she started teaching at Sabancı University and worked as the founding director of VPALAB Computer vision and Pattern Analysis Laboratory. Prof. Erçil is a board member of Arcelik International Advisory Board, Allianz International Advisory Board, Swiss Innovation Valley Advisory Board and a member of European Machine Vision Association Scientific and Industrial Advisory Board.

Prof. Erçil has worked as researcher and directed many international projects (Nato, FP4, Eureka, NSF, FP6, Nedo, FP7, Horizon 2020). She has been the founding president of TOTIAD – Turkish Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Society and executive board member of IAPR, International Association of Pattern Recognition. Vistek ISRA Vision A.Ş., founded by Prof. Erçil in 2006, was sold to German ISRAVision, which is number 1 in Europe and 3rd in the world in machine vision in December 2013. Prof. Erçil is a board member of Arcelik International Advisory Board, Allianz International Advisory Board, Swiss Innovation Valley Advisory Board and a member of European Machine Vision Association Scientific and Industrial Advisory Board.Continuing to work as a serial entrepreneur and certified angel investor, Prof. Erçil is the partner and CEO of Vispera Information Technologies A.Ş.

Schulee comes from Şule Yalçın. The word Schulee, which means school in German, embodies all of the brand's goals:

It brings young people together with ideal schools and different development programs so that they can advance in a career of their choice and shape their own future.

As for the extra letter E. It is because that it is close and sincere, as far as a call away from you during your entire consultation process.

There are criticisms about the loss of interest and focus in Generation Z, in a short time. In fact, studies on this subject say that their attention spans on average 8 seconds.

In fact, everyone goes through Schulee, the formula that is valid for all of us to cope with this (8) second in our logo.

Everything has a formula when working with a real expert. I believe that the young people, who are our future, can become successful individuals with the view of real experts so that they can realize themselves.

That's why I am here.
That's why you are also in the right place.